A pre-wedding photoshoot, sometimes regarded as the engagement photoshoot, is a photoshoot session takes before the wedding, normally 1-5 month in prior. You could get the amazing pictures to use from engagement announcement to wedding invitations.
Pre-wedding photoshoots can give you some beautiful shots
A wedding is an important event in anyone’s life. Having perfect photos from the day means those memories will stay with you for a lifetime. A pre-wedding photoshoot can be very useful in making sure you get the best photos of your special day.

When looking for the best pre-wedding photography, it is important to know a little about this kind of photography and what it entails.

What is pre-wedding photography?
A pre-shoot is a photo session that you do with your wedding photographer ahead of your wedding, normally one to six months before. This trend started in Asia, where the couple wears their wedding outfits in a pre-nuptial session, to essentially practice for their photoshoot on the big day.

The session is normally not too long and provides several important benefits;

It allows the couple to become accustomed to being in front of the camera
It lets the couple and the photographer build up a rapport
It provides beautiful, romantic photos before your wedding
Sometimes, the shoot is a more extended affair, allowing the couple to take their time and try lots of different shots in various locations. A pre-wedding session provides the opportunity to do all of this in a relaxed environment, away from the rush and stress of the wedding day itself.

What is the difference between pre-wedding photography and engagement photography?
An engagement photography session is where couples have a photoshoot to celebrate their engagement. They usually wear nice, presentable clothing, but clothing that is less formal than a wedding outfit.

Like pre-wedding photography, an engagement photoshoot is also a great way for the couple to get to know their photographer, and become comfortable in front of the camera. However, they don’t get a trial run in doing particular poses and movements in their wedding clothing, which can sometimes be restrictive. Also, because the couple is wearing casual clothes, these photos can not be used as a replacement for wedding photos.

What are the best locations for pre-wedding photography in Melbourne?
Where you want to have your pre-wedding photo is up to you. The best pre-wedding shoots offer the opportunity to try out every aspect of your wedding photos, which includes different locations. However, you may prefer a simple shoot in a studio instead. This will entirely come down to your preference.

If you do want to visit different locations as part of your pre-wedding photography, Melbourne provides an excellent range of places. Melbourne has a fantastic mix of beautiful gardens, cityscapes, laneways and historical buildings, many within easy reach of each other. There are also a number of indoor and covered locations, perfect for if the weather turns rainy.

We can recommend some of our favourite pre-wedding photography locations in Melbourne which include:

Fitzroy Gardens for its lush greenery
Flinders Lane for urban landscapes and true Melbourne vibes
Carlton Gardens for its beautiful flowerbeds, shady avenues, and historic architecture
Luna Park for a quirky and unique setting
Victoria Barracks for impressive architecture

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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot | The Comprehensive Guide

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot | The Comprehensive Guide

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